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My practice offers you counseling for:

  • Relationships and career issues.
  • Compatibility evaluations.
  • Removal of creative blocks.
  • Assistance with emotionally difficult situations: divorce, death, health, family, friends, finances, illness, real estate, and relocation.
  • Full one hour sessions with recommendations.


"Just One Session Can Provide You With Direction"

As seen on The Millionaire Matchmaker, KTLA News, The Daily Buzz,
Sirius Satellite Radio on The Marth Stewart Hour,
Instinct Magazine,Organic Spa Magazine, Body+Soul Magazine,
and Women's World Magazine

Author of:
Elemental Love Styles: Find Compatibility and Create a Lasting Reltationship
(Beyond Words/Atria/Simon and Schuster: 2010)

Astrology Readings are more than just telling you when you will meet your love interest or get a promotion, astrology can help you figure out how to reach your goals.

Your astrological chart is unique to you. It is based on your birth time, birth date, and birthplace. It is really specific to you. No one else has your birth chart.

By looking at your birth information I use astrology to guide you. That guidance includes looking at your strengths and weaknesses. It also reveals information about your purpose and destiny.

I strongly believe that you need to know who you are first, before you can know where youíre going. Through astrology I can help you understand yourself. That self-understanding solidifies your power to attain what you want.

Everyone is concerned about a set of basic things in their life. These include love, career, health, children, family, creativity, and friends. These things are the foundation of a fulfilling life. The way to attract these things into your life is found in your astrological chart.

Thatís where the predictive part of astrology comes in. When your journey becomes clear, then you can use future opportunities for your intentions. Rather than being subjected to future trends, you can gain some control over them. This puts you in the driverís seat of your own life. Your life becomes your greatest adventure.


Last Updated ( Friday, 20 September 2013 )
Astrology Readings


Astrology Readings by Doctor Craig...

Can Be Done In Person, By Phone, or Via Skype



All Astrology

Readings $165


Sessions last a minimum of one hour.





We can decide together which reading will be best for you:

Natal Chart:†

This reading defines your personality and life purpose. It is a good place to begin if you have never worked with your astrological chart because it gives you the basics.

Progressed Chart:†

This reading is more advanced and builds on the natal reading.

Relationships: Synastry and Compatibility Chart:†

This reading compares the strengths and weaknesses between two people. It can be used for love, business, or family relationships and is particularly useful when planning a partnership, whether personal or professional.

Career Charts:

This reading offers you career and vocational guidance.

Health Charts:

This reading is for issues concerning your questions of wellness.

Rectification Charts:†

This reading is for people who aren't certain of their birth time. I can work backwards using events in your life to generate your time of birth.

Newborn and Childrenís Charts:

These readings can be done in person or over the phone. Childrenís charts make
wonderful gifts for parents.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 03 February 2016 )

Providing Clarity and
Direction for Your Life





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