All Readings by Dr. Craig
One-hour sessions $175.00

We can decide together which reading will be best for you.

Individual & Couples Counseling

Astrology is an effective and profound alternative when looking for advice and wisdom. Your chart helps clarify personal struggles and suggest results-oriented solutions. There is no magic answer, no predictive easy way through life, but there is a guidance tool that makes our path clearer, easier to navigate, and less confusing to confront. That tool is astrology.

Natal Charts

This reading defines your personality and life purpose. It is a good place to begin if you have never worked with your astrological chart because it gives you the basics.

Progressed Charts

This reading is more advanced and builds on the natal reading.

Relationships, Synastry and Compatibility Charts

This reading compares strengths and weaknesses between two people. It can be used for love, business, or family relationships and is particularly useful when planning a partnership, whether personal or professional.

Rectification Charts

This reading is for people who aren’t certain of their birth time. I can work backward using events in your life to generate your time of birth.

Career Charts

This reading offers you career and vocational guidance.

Health Charts

This reading is for issues concerning your questions of wellness.

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